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About Us

AlgorithmGuru.com strives to improve the life of the people in our world by way of better algorithms.

Many of the trivial problems in subjects such as Biotechnology, Operation Research, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering involving applications ranging from space, health, agriculture, modeling, animation, electronics and defence remain unsolved because of limitation of computing resources. There is a need for simple algorithms which take less time and space.

AlgorithmGuru.com provides the consultancy for doing the algorithm engineering of your existing applications and designing new algorithms. For details about the mind behind AlgorithmGuru Please visit Web Page of Dr Deepak Garg at www.gdeepak.com

AlgorithmGuru.com relies on its team of hardcore professionals who love to work on the deficiencies in the existing algorithms and creation of new algorithms. The sustainability and expansion of AlgorithmGuru.com depends upon the active participation and contribution of students and researchers working in the area of Computer Science. We welcome your submissions on algorithms and programs for new problems.

There is a huge demand of algorithm professionals in the industry who have more skills then the programmers (a translator from an algorithm to a program in high level language).

Due to the exponential growth of institutions imparting education in IT and Computer Science, there is a severe crunch of good teachers. Algorithms and Data Structures is the most important subject and considered to be the core of any UG or PG course in Computer Science and IT degree. AlgorithmGuru.com provides training, conducts workshops and technical talks to bridge this gap.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make AlgorithmGuru better, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at feedback@algorithmguru.com