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Rules of 2019 Challenge (Prizes $1000)

  • Dates to be declared
  • There are 4 problems for this year's challenge.
  • You can submit as many solutions to these 4 problems as you want but only the last solution would be considered for evaluation.
  • Every Problem has equal points.
  • All the solutions submitted for this challenge will be evaluated after last date of submission.
  • Those who score maximum points will be declared as the winner.
  • Apart from correctness AlgorithmGuru will also look for the engineering aspect of your algorithm. Whether your algorithm is efficient in terms of time and space complexity. Writing simple, smaller and modular algorithms is desirable skill for any good programmer. Your algorithm and code should be easily understandable.
  • Number of winners may be increased depending upon the sponsorships.
  • AlgorithmGuru reserves its right to choose the judges and keeping their names confidential.
  • There may be the scenario where no one is able to give the right solution, in that case AlgorithmGuru reserves its right to give the prize to the most deserving one and in the extreme case there may not be any winner at all
  • We do not have any preference and marks for age, sex, caste, religion, nationality, qualification or designation.
  • All payments will be made by draft; It is the duty of the participant to provide the right address and credentials.
For queries mail at challenge@algorithmguru.com


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