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Guidelines for conducting the workshop/training

  1. One of the faculty/staff members should be appointed as single point of contact that will be responsible for interacting with AlgorithmGuru and also for organizing the event.
  2. The dates of the event should be booked at least two months in advance. The dates can be chosen with mutual consent and depends on various factors like availability of AlgorithmGuru experts, the academic or project calendar of the organization etc.
  3. Our requirements for the delivery are one good room/hall enough to accommodate the expected audience, one good working projector, one working collar mike( if the audience is more then 30) and one white board.
  4. Organization needs to bear return travel, food and accommodation of one expert only. Travel arrangements may be done by AlgorithmGuru or by the organization.
  5. We have experts listed in all the continents. Our experts will travel from within that country. Expert will travel by business-class to the nearest airport and then on taxi for any distance to be covered on road.Accommodation may be arranged in the organization's guest house or in a nearby good hotel.
  6. Charges to be paid to AlgorithmGuru are minimal and only help us to sustain the AlgorithmGuru initiative. Charges will differ depending upon the duration of the programme.
  7. Certificates, participant kits etc. are optional and can be decided depending upon the preferences of the organization.Our experts don't expect any momentoes etc.
  8. Organizations/institutions/universities can also hold workshops where they can invite faculty and students from other institutions of their state. Institution is free to charge a suitable fee from such participants. AlgorithmGuru can also help in marketing such workshops/courses.
  9. Once you send a query to us for any such event, our representative will be happy to give you all the details and answer your questions.

For workshop/training mail at training@algorithmguru.com